Maintenance Services – Residential

Your play set will stay looking great and retain more of its resale value if it is properly maintained.

  • To clean your set, you may wash it down with a garden hose but we recommend against high-pressure washing as it can damage the wood.
  • Once a year, check and tighten all hardware, and apply a clear water repellant sealer to keep the wood looking fresh and healthy.
  • Also, stain any faded or high traffic spots as needed.
  • We service all brands of swing sets and play systems. Installer

Professional Maintenance Programs

We know your schedule is busy, so we offer professional maintenance services to keep your set safe and looking great.

Annual Maintenance and Clear Seal

– includes re-tightening the hardware, touching up scuffed areas, and applying our own water repellent sealer to all exposed wood.

Standard Swing Set – Clear Seal
Seal Additional Tower (including Skybox)
Seal Wood Roof
Seal Wooden Accessories (Rockwall, Ramp, etc.)
$ 49
$ 29 ea.


– includes re-tightening the hardware, sanding as needed, and applying a factory sealer stain to all exposed wood.

Standard Swing Set – Stain (Red or Brown)
Stain Additional Tower (including Skybox)
Stain Wood Roof
Stain Wood Accessories (Rockwall, Ramp, etc.)
$ 49
$ 29 ea.

Do-It-Yourself ProductsCP-Sealer-Stain

If you prefer to maintain the swing set and accessories yourself, Creative Playthings offers our specially formulated water-repellent stain and sealer in colors to match the original factory finish.

Gallon of Stain (Red or Brown)
Gallon of Clear Seal

Other Services

If your set needs special repairs or warranty replacement parts installed, our experienced technicians can handle it for you.

Service Call
Labor (1 hr. min.)
Standard Set MoveĀ (up to 20 miles included)

Please Note: Mileage charges apply on services performed more than 20 miles from our store.